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Are there any contracts or loan obligations to sign?

CDL Truck School is simple. There are no fancy contracts to sign. There are no “school loan” papers to sign. CDL Truck School accepts major credit cards..

Are there multiple students with one teacher?

Never. We provide one-on-one training. We feel professional drivers learn their trade by actually driving a truck. You learn to drive by actual driving, not sitting in the back seat watching someone else drive!.

Does CDL Truck School Offer a Training Package?

Our new training package offers a 7 day training program for $1499.00 .

Does CDL Truck School offer a written practice test?

Yes we do.   Click here for details..

Does CDL Truck School offer job placement assistance?

CDL Truck School will assist our students in finding driving jobs. CDL works closely with nationwide carriers to place our students..

Does CDL Truck School offer the written CDL test?

CDL Truck School specializes in Pre-Trip Inspection, Skills Test, and Road Test. We do not give the written CDL test. Only government agency’s are allowed to administer the written test. We do offer a practice test. See below. .

How is CDL Truck School Different from schools that offer a 120 hour course?

Many other CDL training schools offer a 120 hour training program. These programs are typically broken into a 40 hour classroom block and an 80 hour ‘training’ block. Our competitors offer 40 hours of classroom training just to get you through the written test! Send today for the CDL Truck School Training packet and spend as much time as you need in the comfort of your own home.

Why spend the other 80 hours wasting your time sitting on the picnic table waiting for your turn in the truck? With other schools teaching 15+ students at one time, only so many can fit in a vehicle at one time.

Our program eliminates all the wasted time by giving you personalized one on one instruction. You will receive two solid hours behind the wheel everyday for 7 days and you only have to be here for the time we have you scheduled in the vehicle.

CDL Truck School prides itself on eliminating many hours of wasted time for our students. In providing a more efficient program, CDL is able to extend a very affordable price, while giving you the maximum time behind the wheel. We believe that our students learn to drive the truck by actually driving the truck! We believe our students learn by doing, not by sitting in a crowded classroom. .

How much does CDL Truck School Cost?

CDL Truck School is as low as $1499.00 for our 7 day training program. You’ll find our rates are competitively priced compared to other truck driving schools. If you just need a ‘brush up’ on your driving skills, give us a call for pricing..

I don’t have a truck, can I rent one for practice?

Absolutely! CDL Truck School offers vehicles for practice and ‘brush up’ at outstanding rates..

I’m an ex-felon, can I still use your service?

Yes, you qualify for training! CDL Truck School does not discriminate against ex-felons..

Is CDL Truck School a member of the BBB (Better Business Bureau)?

Yes, in fact we are the only Arizona truck driving school that is a member. Visit the BBB website..

Is CDL Truck School Licensed?

C.D.L. Truck School, Inc. has been licensed by the state of Arizona since 1991. CDL Truck School Inc. became a licensed third party CDL testing facility in 1995..

What are the CDL Truck School hours?

CDL Truck School is open 7am-4pm Monday – Friday. Sunday is by appointment. CDL is closed Saturdays..

What do I need to get started?

1. A D.O.T. (Department Of Transportation) physical.

2. Proof of 1 year driving experience (any state drivers license.)

3. License in good standing (no suspended licenses or warrants.)

4. You must be at least 18 years of age..

What is the CDL Truck School phone number?

Our 24 hour assistance line is (602) 278-9159. .

What license training does CDL offer?

We offer A, B, and Bus CDL licenses..

What time slots are available to receive training?

You’ll find CDL Truck School to be very flexible when it comes to scheduling. We work our schedule around yours. Training takes place during our normal business hours..

What types of transmissions will I be learning on?

CDL Truck School provides both manual and automatic transmission training..

When can I start training?

Located in sunny Phoenix, Arizona, CDL Truck School provides training year-round..

Where can I get a D.O.T. physical?

CDL Truck School provides a discount at Phoenix based Concentra medical facilities. .

Where is CDL Truck School located?

C.D.L. Truck School Inc is located at 1313 N. 25th Ave, Phoenix, Arizona 85009. Click here for a map and directions..


1313 N. 25th Ave. Phoenix, Arizona 85009
Phone: (602) 278-9159
CDL Truck School is a training provider for the Workforce Investment Act. We have been successful in training hundreds of agency students from Maricopa One-Stop Centers, DES Vocational Rehabilitation, DES Jobs, Maricopa Workforce Connection, Phoenix Workforce Connection, and City of Phoenix. Contact us in the office for more information. Women drivers are welcome! Modern technology allows for 'easy to drive' vehicles.